Our approach

Our approach to the care and development of your child is to give reassurance where needed, and to encourage when beneficial...


Learning and teaching.

The curriculum is the totality of all that is planned for children throughout their education.

The two curriculum frameworks which guide our curriculum approach are Pre-birth to 3 years and A Curriculum for Excellence.

Programmes are well designed and flexible to reflect children's needs, strengths and interests, ensuring progression in all children's learning and development. There is a good balance of opportunities designed to enable children to exercise choice, participate in free play, enjoy adult directed experiences and be part of small and large groups.

Children's development and profiles.

We maintain individual profiles for each of our children detailing their needs, strengths and interest to help assess their development. A variety of activities are offered to children on a daily basis, ensuring their experience at the nursery is both enriching and stimulating.

Children have the opportunity to play alone and in small or larger groups. The day is set out to ensure children have a balance between free play and structured experiences.

Annual reports are given to parents commenting on each child's progress and development. Parents have the opportunity to meet formally to discuss their child's progress and development with room supervisors.

Equality and fairness.

We welcome all children and their families to become part of our centres giving due regard, without discrimination, to special needs, gender, racial origin, religious persuasion, and cultural and linguistic background.

We ensure that all members of our centres feel valued, safe and secure and are treated equally, with respect, and in a fair and just manner.  Our centres promote social inclusion.